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Women Leaders Building the Future of Biotech

L'équipe Signalisation, développement et tumeurs cérébrales à Orsay, dirigée par Olivier Ayrault, dépend de l’unité Signalisation normale et pathologique : de l'embryon aux thérapies innovantes des cancers - Institut Curie / CNRS UMR 3347 / Inserm U1021.

In the light of the International Women’s day, the seminar “Women Leaders Building the Future of Biotech” organized on March 15, 2018 is the opportunity to discover women leaders in the field of biosciences and appreciate their backgrounds and experiences.

The event is jointly organised by In´C2 initiative (Innovation, curiosity and creativity promoting tech-transfer initiative at the Institut Curie) and LIBRA (initiative unifying efforts of European research centres to achieve gender equality in academia) and supported by PSL Université – Innovation & Entreprise.

The current work done by leaders in academia and industry will determine the course of development of the Biotech field in the future. This seminar enables to discover inspiring female leaders and learn about the current research on gender equality in the field.

Renowned speakers are taking part :

Rafaèle Tordjman, who has more than 15 years of life science investment experience. She has been the managing partner at Sofinnova (Biggest venture capital firm in France, which has financed and accompanied over 500 life science companies). Starting with successful career in medical research, she continued with investment and served on the board of such biotechs as Ascendis and DBV Technologies. She is promoting gender equality in Biotech and has founded W.I.T.H. to connect women in healthcare.

Jörg Müller from The Interdisciplinary Internet Institute, Barcelona. He is a member of LIBRA advisory board, researcher in practical approaches of studying gender (in)equality and coordinator of the H2020 project GEDII – “Gender-Diversity-Impact” (2015-2018). He will be the opening speaker with his talk ‘Closing the Gender Gaps in Science: Opportunities of Gender Diversity for Biotechnology’.

Géraldine Le Duc, co-founder and CEO of NH TherAguix,a clinical stage start-up company. After fruitful research career at European Synchrotron Radiation Facility and co-authoring more than 100 research papers, she co-founded NH TherAguix aiming to translate to clinics a novel nanotechnology based therapy against cancer, the AGuIX nanoparticles. She will participate with talk ‘From Lab to Entrepreneurship in Cancer Research: a Woman’s Vision’.

Stephanie Descroix is a researcher at the IPGG and Institut Curie, where focuses on the development of microfluidic devices for biophysical and biomedical applications. She has authored more than 70 papers and 5 patents. She has been awarded in 2013 by the French Chemical Society. And since 2013, she is head of the CNRS French Micro and Nanofluidic Network. She is co-founder of Inorevia company in 2016. Her talk is entitled ‘A journey in the microfluidic world’.

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