Translational team leader position in the major domain of radiobiology

Uriel Chantraine/Institut Curie
Orsay, France

Institut Curie is constituted of a hospital dedicated to cancer treatment with a strong expertise on phase I and II clinical trials and a world-class multidisciplinary research center combining research in cell biology, genetics, epigenetics, immunology, soft matter physics, organic and medicinal chemistry. It includes over 3,000 researchers, physicians, clinicians, technicians and administrative staff working on three sites: Paris, Orsay and Saint-Cloud. The institute facilities include advanced imaging, high throughput sequencing, bioinformatics, reverse phase protein array, proteomics and mass spectrometry, antibody technologies, cytometry, and animal housing. In addition, the hospital proximity allows access to large clinical databases and sample collections. Institut Curie is currently building a new facility dedicated to translational research on innovative therapies and radiation, located at the Orsay site, an exceptional scientific environment within the campus of the Paris-Saclay University. Institut Curie’s organization is an ideal setting to develop a network model and a vision where biomedical potential can be rapidly translated into applications for innovation and interest for patient care.

To strengthen its translational research department and favor the links between basic research and care, Institut Curie is recruiting a team leader in the major domain of translational research in radiobiology. A particular interest will be given to projects dedicated to the biological effects on healthy tissues and tumors of the ultra-high dose rate radiations or protons and their combination with new drugs, immunotherapy or radiosensitizer nanoagents. The selected candidate will benefit from the environment at Institute Curie: the combination of research and clinical teams as well as physicists and chemists included in the Strategic Research Initiative NanoTheRad project on the Paris-Saclay university site.

Candidates with an MD diploma and a PhD are preferred but candidates with equivalent experience will also be considered. The selected candidate will contribute to the oncology radiotherapy department and will spend a significant part of their time in the research laboratory. Candidates with a PhD in life sciences and no medical background will be considered if able to demonstrate clear links with the clinic.

A laboratory of approximately 50m² and an initial support package including the salary of the PI and a post-doctoral / PhD student as well as access to platforms and shared infrastructure will be provided.

Candidates should send a CV (with a bibliography and a list of invited conferences), a summary of their scientific and medical results (1 – 2 pages), a research project (3 – 5 pages), and a minimum of 2 letters of recommendation.

Applications should be sent to:

Dr Marie Dutreix, team leader “DNA Repair, Radiations and Innovative cancer therapies”,

Pr Philip Poortmans, director of Oncology radiotherapy department of Institute Curie Hospital

Dr Sergio Roman, director of the translational research department

by e-mail: before 30th November 2018

2018 Curie Translational Radiobiology Team Leader Position