Institut Curie’s Training Unit seeks to provide students and trainees—whether they are Master’s students, PhDs, Postdoctoral Fellows, Junior Group Leaders (with mentoring for these 3 groups), Senior Group Leaders, Medical Doctors, medical interns, medical students, nurses, or physicians obtaining a Master’s or PhD—with high-quality education and training opportunities.

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By investing in education, we fuel our laboratories and hospital with creativity & expertise, promote collaboration, exchange of ideas among teams (& beyond), networking, stimulate discussion, and promote career development. Ultimately, this preeminent training program enhances innovative research on all fronts, and leads to improved patient treatment.

Master, PhDs, Postdocs, Junior groups and “young” trainees

  • 175 Master’s students (38% foreigners), 4 students from Erasmus + (Italy).
  • 2 high school students from the St. George’s school in Newport, Rhode Island (USA) – 2 weeks
  • 242 PhD students (40% foreigners) among which Institut Curie’s 41 supported PhDs in the frameof the International PhD Program.
  • 57 new PhD students in 2014 supported by fellowships from PSL (12), IC’s PhD program (5), Doctoral Schools and other sources (ERC, ANR, Cancer Association) (40). They register in partner universities where they get their diploma. 56 PhDs have defended their thesis: 51 from the Research Center and 5 from the Hospital Group (43% foreigners).
  • 285 Postdoctoral fellows (61% foreigners) among which 26 benefit from IC fellowships.
  • 18 Junior Group Leaders

Networks and events

  • MIT European Career Fair. G. Raposo, J. Legras, O. Ayrault (YPI) and S. Müller (Postdoc): Feb 2015
  • EU-Life: Next meeting: October 19-20, 2015 in Basel with partner institutions
  • St George’s School (Newport, USA): partnership already in place that will be reinforced
  • (opportunities to organize courses there with US institutions).
  • The YRS gathering 175 young researchers from France and abroad: May 2015 at Institut Curie
  • Joint scientific meeting of IC’s students’ association (ADIC) with the MRC Cambridge in
  • Canterbury: UK, June 2015.
  • Annual graduation ceremony for PhDs of the year: Dec 3rd 2015

enseignement2Travel fellowships for young researchers – Paris and Orsay – since 2014 with TU
These fellowships are aimed at Masters, PhD students & postdoctoral fellows who need financial support to give a conference or attend a scientific meeting abroad. In 2014, 41 fellowships have been granted to help young researchers in their career development (610 € given for a grant on average).

Stimulating training in translational research and oncology
G. Raposo is the main coordinator of the PACRI project (Paris Alliance of Cancer Research Institutes). A website has been created & the OOASO academy has been started. Aim: to connect research and education in oncology with the organization of scientific seminars (for the public), summer schools for trainees (in oncology) = a boost to attract international students & researchers to PACRI sites. Courses and workshops in Iceland and China have been supported by PACRI. The organization of an international meeting is planned for 2017.

Implementing a new MD program “Parcours Médecine Sciences”
IC, together with ENS, Institut Pasteur, ESPCI, Collège de France & PSL University has now initiated a new training program for 2nd year medical students who wish to continue their studies in medicine while acquiring a strong scientific background. 7 excellent 2nd year medical students were selected after a very competitive « concours » organized by researchers of the different partner institutions. They will rotate in the teams and if they wish, they will pursue with a PhD. We hope excellent fellows will join us thanks to the strong links between the research center and the hospital group.

Implementing a new restructured and galvanize International PhD program
The Training Unit coordinates the International PhD Program and in 2009, established PhD & Master’s Fellowships for Physicians, providing fellowships for around 5 to 12 students per year. In October, Institut Curie applied for a H2020 CoFund Marie Sklodowska Curie Action for its PhD Program. The success of the application will enable us to revitalize, restructure and create an ambitious PhD program called IC-3i PhD Program whose main aim is to develop international, interdisciplinary and intersectorial (3i) PhD projects and attract the best PhD students. We will start the first call for applications in December 2015 and welcome 12 selected applicants in September 2016. 3 calls over 5 years will enable us to welcome 35 PhD fellows. A special website for the CoFund for on-line applications should be ready at the end of 2015.

Training and mentoring
The Training Unit facilitates programs that allow researchers to visit and train at Institut Curie, including Master’s students from Italy’s Erasmus Plus program and undergraduates from MIT in Boston, USA. Short-term trainees often stay to continue their PhD training at the institute. The Training Unit supports mentoring and career development activities in various forms:

  • Group Leader Mentoring Program and Lab Management Training
  • Support for Student/Postdoc Association activities
  • Postdoctoral Lab Management Training (discussion with S. Müller, representative of the Postdocs)

Institut Curie’s university accredited higher education offerings (International Courses) are at the forefront of modern biology. Course topics derive from Institut Curie’s research strengths, and are organized by the institute’s researchers, who in turn invite leading scientists from abroad with outstanding expertise in their field. Many courses are accredited by partner universities such as Pierre and Marie Curie (UPMC-P6), Paris Diderot (P7), Paris Descartes (P5), and Paris-Sud (P11)— ranging from 3-12 ECTS. Rather than following a textbook, which is often already outdated at the time of publication, a series of didactic talks is given by scientific and medical experts who often discuss unpublished research results. Journal club-type sessions during several courses analyze recently published papers where, guided by course supervisors, the discussion is led by the students themselves—a valuable training exercise! Hosting about 10 international courses per year means that the entire institute can attend top-notch seminars, which are also advertised throughout the Paris region. Institut Curie’s Training Unit guides students, postdoctoral trainees, physicians-in-training, and Group Leaders, accompanying them on their career development journey. Training offerings (Core Courses) develop transferrable skills, sensitize to scientific integrity, intellectual property and help prepare trainees for the next step in their career. Technical trainings, such as biostatistics, use of imaging software are also offered. The portfolio of courses is constantly adapted to trainees’ needs—6 new courses were offered from 2013 to 2014.