Translational Research

Since 2003, the Institut Curie has structured a « Department of Translational Research » with the goal of promoting and facilitating translational research at the Institute.

sergio Roman
Sergio Roman Roman – Head of the Department of Translational Research

This department provides clinicians and researchers with human and technological resources enabling the development of application-oriented projects, with the objective of improving care for cancer patients (assessment and validation of diagnostic, prognostic and patient support tools, as well as development of biomedical devices or therapeutic approaches resulting from basic research).

A diverse range of projects is carried with the help of the department: internal projects involving clinicians and researchers from the Institute, but also collaborative projects with other academic institutions or pharmaceutical/biotech companies. Some projects may also aim at providing expertise to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries or at creating “Proofs of concept” for license and/or start-up companies.

The Department of Translational Research hosts 5 technological platforms (Genomics, Protein arrays, High-content screening, Experimental radiotherapy and Preclinical investigation), 4 labeled teams (resistance to therapy in breast cancers, translational pediatrics, angiogenesis, and immunotherapy) and 3 emergent teams (Circulating biomarkers, uveal melanoma, and new targets in triple negative breast cancers). The teams hosted by the Department are attached to the different research Units of the Research Center.

The expertise displayed by the teams and the platforms of the Department of Translational Research allows the support for maturation of translational research projects (proof of concept in vivo, target/biomarker identification and validation, ancillary biological studies coupled to clinical trials, …) of the Institut Curie alone or in collaboration with other academic teams or industrial partners.

Labeled Teams:

Translational Groups: