Institut Curie: an Integrated Cancer Research Site (SIRIC)

In June 2011, Institut Curie became one of the first centres to be granted Integrated Cancer Research Site (SIRIC) status by INCa (the French National Cancer Institute). This certification, which is very much in line with the original model created by Marie Curie herself, has boosted the institute’s day-to-day efforts to combine treatment and research in order to fight cancer.

Institut Curie’s SIRIC (Integrated Cancer Research Site) status further improves the structure of its translational and clinical research, enables it to develop interdisciplinary programmes with basic research units, and helps it share the resultant knowledge.

These interactions between basic, clinical and translational research should lead to results that can be quickly transposed to patients in the form of diagnostic examinations, treatment strategies, medicines, and social and public health initiatives (prevention and screening.)

The project, headed up by Dr Olivier Delattre, Director of the Cancer Biology and Genetics Unit – Inserm U830, is being carried out in partnership with ESPCI ParisTech University, Paris Descartes University, Inserm and the  CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research).


More information on SIRIC website