Biomimetism of Cellular Movement

Cécile Sykes

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Julie Plastino Principal Investigator

We study how cells change shape and move, with implications for understanding cancer invasion and metastasis.  Our approach is based on the study of in vitro biomimetic systems and in vivo cellular and animal models to dissect the physical and biochemical mechanisms governing cell shape change and movement. We use techniques such as optical microscopy, micropipette aspiration, optical tweezers, microrheology, microfluidics and apply these techniques to cells, nematode worms and embryos, chicken embryos and mouse oocytes.


Key publications

Year of publication 2018

Sherwood DR, Plastino J (2018 Jan 1)

Invading, leading and navigating cells in Caenorhabditis elegans: insights into cell movement in vivo

Genetics : 208 : 53-78 : DOI : 10.1534/genetics.117.300082

Year of publication 2016

Caorsi V, Lemière J, Campillo C, Bussonnier M, Manzi J, Betz T, Plastino J, Carvalho K, Sykes C (2016 Jul 20)

Cell-sized liposome doublets reveal active tension build-up driven by acto-myosin dynamics

Soft Matter : 12 : 6223-31 : DOI : 10.1039/c6sm00856a

Year of publication 2015

Renard HF, Simunovic M, Lemière J, Boucrot E, Garcia-Castillo MD, Arumugam S, Chambon V, Lamaze C, Wunder C, Kenworthy AK, Schmidt AA, McMahon HT, Sykes C, Bassereau P, Johannes L (2015 Jan 22)

Endophilin-A2 functions in membrane scission in clathrin-independent endocytosis

Nature : 517 : 493-6 : DOI : 10.1038/nature14064
Havrylenko S, Noguera P, Abou-Ghali M, Manzi J, Faqir F, Lamora A, Guérin C, Blanchoin L, Plastino J (2015 Jan 1)

WAVE binds Ena/VASP for enhanced Arp2/3 complex-based actin assembly

Molecular Biology of the Cell : 26 : 55-65 : DOI : 10.1091/mbc.E14-07-1200

Year of publication 2014

Blanchoin L, Boujemaa-Paterski R, Sykes C, Plastino J (2014 Jan 1)

Actin dynamics, architecture, and mechanics in cell motility

Physiological Reviews : 94 : 235-63 : DOI : 10.1152/physrev.00018.2013

Year of publication 2013

Carvalho K, Tsai FC, Lees E, Voituriez R, Koenderink GH, Sykes C. (2013 Oct 8)

Cell-sized liposomes reveal how actomyosin cortical tension drives shape change

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA : 110 : 16456-61 : DOI : 10.1073/pnas.1221524110
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