Biology Inspired Physics at Mesoscales

Team Members

Axel Buguin, PhD


Axel Buguin Team Silberzan / Buguin Acting Unit Deputy Director Team Leader Researcher Tel: Back to the list

Other function : Deputy Director of the Unit
Assistant Professor, Université Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC) 26, rue d'Ulm - 75248 Paris Cedex 05 - France
Keywords: polymers, adhesion, wetting, hydrodynamics, micro-fabrication and biophysics.

2007:Habilitation à diriger des recherches, UPMC
1998:PH. D, Soft Matter, Institut Curie, UPMC
1994:Master's degree in Liquid State Physics, UPMC Research

2008-2009:« Physico-Biology at mesoscales » group (with P. Silberzan). AFM, micro-fabrication, cell motility.
2006-2008:Sabbatical (Rockefeller University, New York, A. Libchaber Lab.). Molecular biology, origin of life, bacterial motility. 1999-2006:Co-person in charge (experimental part) with F. Brochard of the «Soft Surfaces» group. Polymer, adhesion, capillarity.
1998-1999:Post-Doctoral position (Rhodia and RP Agro) Adhesion of fungus spores (Magnaporthe Grisea).
1995-1998:PhD Thesis (financement MESR) Some rheological problems at interfaces: experiments and theory
Diplôme d'Ingénieur E.S.P.C.I (from the french system `les Grandes Ecoles' with an emphasis in physical-chemistry)

Key publications

Year of publication 2012

Maxime Deforet, Maria Carla Parrini, Laurence Petitjean, Marco Biondini, Axel Buguin, Jacques Camonis, Pascal Silberzan (2012 Jan 20)

Automated velocity mapping of migrating cell populations (AVeMap).

Nature methods : 1081-3 : DOI : 10.1038/nmeth.2209