Active Mechano-Sensitivity by Hair Cells in the Inner Ear


Year 2019

Achille Joliot – Master 2
“Hair-bundle cohesiveness during fluid-jet stimulation”
Master ENS-ICFP in Fundamental Physics – Apr 2019 –  Jul 2019
Achille will start graduate school and perform is PhD work in the group, starting Oct 2019.

Year 2018

Marie Pochitaloff-Huvalé – PhD
“Self-organized beating of actin bundles in a minimal acto-myosin system”
PhD program:  ED PIF (‘Physique d’Ile de France’) – Oct 2016 –  Oct 2018
Since january 2019, Marie is a postdoc in Otger Campàs laboratory at UC Santa Barbara (USA).

Godelive Forceville – Master 2
“Morphological characterisation of the hair bundle after tip-link disruption”
Master AIRE-Life Sciences Master (former AIV Master) – Oct 2018 –  Dec 2018

Year 2017

Alain Lombard – Master 2
“Fluid-jet stimulation of the hair-cell bundle”
Master Systèmes biologiques et concepts physiques (Université Paris Saclais, UPMC, Université Paris Diderot, Institut Pasteur) – Oct 2013 –  Nov 2016
After his traineeship with us, Simon started a PhD student at LiPHY in Grenoble.

Year 2016

Mélanie Tobin – PhD
“Gradients in the mechanical properties of auditory hair cells”
PhD program: Frontiers in Life Sciences – Oct 2013 –  Nov 2016
Mélanie stayed as a postdoc in the group until July 2017 and then travelled around the world for a few months. Since January 2018, she is a postdoc at the University of Pennsylvania (USA) in Maria Geffen’s lab.

Mathieu Richard – PhD
“Myosin-based motility in actin networks of prescribed geometry in vitro”
PhD program: Frontiers in Life Sciences – Oct 2012 –  Oct 2016
Mathieu is now a Physics teacher in high school.

Year 2015

Simon Kulifaj – Master 2
“Probing the role of tip-link tension of morphology of the hair-cell bundle”.
Master “Physique Fondamentale et Sciences pour l’Ingénieur” – Université Paris Diderot.
Jan 2015 – April 2015

Year 2014

Volker Bormuth – Postdoc
“Transduction channels’ gating forces control friction on vibrating hair-cell bundles in the inner ear”
Funded by an EMBO fellowship and by the postdoctoral program of the Curie Institute. Oct 2010 – Sept 2014
Now an assistant professor at Sorbonne Université and member at the Laboratoire Jean Perrin (Sorbonne Université, Paris).

Year 2012

Jonathan Lee-Tin-Wah – PhD
“Development of biomimetic systems for the study of molecular motor oscillations”
PhD program: Frontiers in Life Sciences – Oct 2009 –  Noc 2012
After his PhD, Jonathan went for a postdoc to the Laboratory for Photonics and Nanostructures (Marcoussis, France), in a team headed by André Estevez-Torres.

Marco Grison – Master 2
“Stimulation of hair-cell bundles with optical tweezers. ”
After his traineeship, Marco moved on to a PhD thesis in the group of Matthias Rief (TUM, Münschen, Germany).

Mélanie Tobin – Master 2
“Mechanical tension in tip links of the hair-cell bundle. ”
After her traineeship, Mélanie went to the Rockefeller University to work in the group of Jim Hudspeth for one year. She has returned in our group in Oct 2013 to perform a PhD.

Year 2011

Jérémie Barral – PhD
“Hair-bundle amplification by sensory hair cells from the inner ear”
PhD program: Frontiers in Life Sciences – Sept 2007 –  Feb 2011
Postdoctoral fellow in Alex Reyes’ lab from August 2011 on (NYU, New York)

Year 2009

Joseph Jackson – Post-doc
“Propriétés mécaniques d’une assemblée de moteurs moléculaires”
After his stay in the lab, Joseph went to the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow (UK) for a second postdoc.

Year 2008

Pierre-Yves Plaçais – PhD
“Mechanical properties of myosin 2 in vitro: from single molecule to collective effects. ”
Ecole Doctorale: Physique de la Région Parisienne. – Oct 2004 – Juin 2008
Now a tenured researcher at ESPCI (Paris, France). Lab webpage:

Nathan Faivre – Master degree
“Does membrane tension control stereociliary length in hair cells from the inner ear?”
Master “Interface Physique-Biologie” – 14 avril au 14 juillet
Nathan is now working as a PhD student in the Laboratory of Cognitive Science of the Ecole Normale Supérieure (Paris).

Year 2007

Martial Balland – Postdoc
“Spontaneous oscillations by a group of molecular motors in vitro. ”
Postdoc – Dec 2004 – Aout 2007
Now working as Assistant Professor at the University Joseph Fournier in Grenoble.

Year 2006

Jean-Yves Tinevez – Master degree then PhD
“Active hair-bundle movements, regulated by Ca2+, by hair cells from the inner ear. ”
Oct. 2002 – Mar. 2006
After his PhD in the group, Jean-Yves moved to Dresden (MPI-CBG, Germany) for a postdoc, and was one of the founders of the Image Processing Facility at this institute. He is now working as engineer at the Image Processing Facility of the Institut Pasteur (Paris, France).

Year 2004

Kirill Evlempiev – Master 2
“Dynamic maintainance of the hair-bundle structure in hair cells from the inner ear. ”
Master “Physique Théorique”
After his traineeship, Kirill moved on to a PhD thesis in the group of Hervé Isambert in our department.