Bring the “Microfluidics” revolution

Microfluidics or the science of manipulation of small fluid volumes with new technologies.

Pierre-Gilles de Gennes Institute – IPGG – has been created along these lines of thought: its goal is to bring together, in a cross-disciplinary domain (microfluidics), experts from various disciplines (physics, biology, chemistry, technology), and develop both fundamental and applied research. Industrial domains interested by microfluidics are numerous (food industry, medicinal field, cosmetics, oil industry, instrumentation, …).

Four axes of research are developed at the IPPG:

  • Fundamental Microfluidics: dealing with the study of original phenomena in miniaturized (micro or nanometric) systems.
    Technology: improving microfluidics technologies by using new materials, original concepts of micro and nanofabrication and innovative surface treatments.
  • The IPGG promotes fast and cost-effective technologies thanks to its technological platform.
  • Use-inspired research: relying on a great network of collaboration, the IPGG develops microfluidic devices to answer biologists, clinicians, pharmacologists, cosmeticians, oil companies, chemists, or other fields needs.
  • Entrepreneurial-oriented research: many projects carried out at the IPGG can result in creating start-ups.
    In this respect, the incubator will play a decisive role providing logistical support for the developing company.

The IPGG is 14 research teams in the “Paris Sciences et Lettres (PSL)” association of universities and higher education institutions  partnering to develop microfluidics and its applications :

The institut Curie is represented by two teams :