U830 Cancer, Heterogeneity, Instability and Plasticity (CHIP)

Teams in this unit study various aspects of tumour development. Two main strategies are being developed:

  • the direct study of human malignancies to better understand their physiopathological mechanisms,

  • the uses experimental models (cells or animals) to address specific aspects of oncogenesis.

A variety of genetic methods including microarray, genotyping and next-generation sequencing analyses are developed to characterise human tumours, as well as molecular biology, cell biology and transgenesis approaches to create and investigate models are being used.

The main research themes of the unit include:

  • The link between oncogenesis, stemness and cell differentiation, especially in neural and mesenchymal cell lineages, with the goal of establishing similarities and differences between the biology of the tumour cells and their corresponding normal cells,
  • The genetic alterations in cancer cells, in particular the mechanisms of genetic instability that may be a cause or a consequence of tumour development,
  • The role of oxidative stress in angiogenesis, cell aging and tumour development,
  • The changes in intracellular traffic and in the cytoskeleton that are associated with malignant transformation.

Key publications

Year of publication 2020

Samar Alsafadi, Stephane Dayot, Malcy Tarin, Alexandre Houy, Dorine Bellanger, Michele Cornella, Michel Wassef, Joshua J Waterfall, Erik Lehnert, Sergio Roman-Roman, Marc-Henri Stern, Tatiana Popova (2020 Oct 15)

Genetic alterations of SUGP1 mimic mutant-SF3B1 splice pattern in lung adenocarcinoma and other cancers.

Oncogene : 85-96 : DOI : 10.1038/s41388-020-01507-5
Sophie Loeillet, Mareike Herzog, Fabio Puddu, Patricia Legoix, Sylvain Baulande, Stephen P. Jackson, Alain G. Nicolas (2020 Oct 6)

Trajectory and Uniqueness of Mutational Signatures in Yeast Mutators

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences : 117 n° 40 : 24947-24956 : DOI : 10.1073/pnas.2011332117
Claire Bonneau, Antoine Eliès, Yann Kieffer, Brigitte Bourachot, Sylvain Ladoire, Floriane Pelon, Delphine Hequet, Jean-Marc Guinebretière, Christophe Blanchet, Anne Vincent-Salomon, Roman Rouzier, and Fatima Mechta-Grigoriou (2020 Jul 14)

A subset of activated fibroblasts is associated with distant relapse in early luminal breast cancer

Breast Cancer Research : DOI : 10.1186/s13058-020-01311-9
Yann Kieffer, Hocine R. Hocine, Géraldine Gentric, Floriane Pelon, Charles Bernard, Brigitte Bourachot, Sonia Lameiras, Luca Albergante, Claire Bonneau, Alice Guyard, Karin Tarte, Andrei Zinovyev, Sylvain Baulande, Gerard Zalcman, Anne Vincent-Salomon, and Fatima Mechta-Grigoriou (2020 May 20)

Single-Cell Analysis Reveals Fibroblast Clusters Linked to Immunotherapy Resistance in Cancer

Cancer Discovery : DOI : 10.1158/2159-8290.CD-19-1384
Alexandre Eeckhoutte, Alexandre Houy, Elodie Manié, Manon Reverdy, Ivan Bièche, Elisabetta Marangoni, Oumou Goundiam, Anne Vincent-Salomon, Dominique Stoppa-Lyonnet, François-Clément Bidard, Marc-Henri Stern, Tatiana Popova (2020 Apr 22)

ShallowHRD: detection of homologous recombination deficiency from shallow whole genome sequencing.

Bioinformatics (Oxford, England) : 3888-3889 : DOI : 10.1093/bioinformatics/btaa261
Anne-Céline Derrien, Manuel Rodrigues, Alexandre Eeckhoutte, Stéphane Dayot, Alexandre Houy, Lenha Mobuchon, Sophie Gardrat, Delphine Lequin, Stelly Ballet, Gaëlle Pierron, Samar Alsafadi, Odette Mariani, Ahmed El-Marjou, Alexandre Matet, Chrystelle Colas, Nathalie Cassoux, Marc-Henri Stern (2020 Apr 3)

Germline MBD4 Mutations and Predisposition to Uveal Melanoma.

Journal of the National Cancer Institute : 80-87 : DOI : 10.1093/jnci/djaa047