STatistical Methods for Precision Medicine (StaMPM)

We are interested in developing methods for

  • conducting early phase  clinical trial
  • validating prognostic and predictive biomarkers.
  • accounting for correlation induces by clustered observations (a cluster can be:  a patient,  a clinical trial)
  •  estimating treatment effect or treatment algrith from observational data
  • quantifying long term responders under immuntotherapy

To ensure reproducibility of our findings, our code can be found in our team’s

Github repository




Key publications

Year of publication 2021

Pavel Mozgunov, Xavier Paoletti, Thomas Jaki (2021 Jan 7)

A benchmark for dose-finding studies with unknown ordering.

Biostatistics (Oxford, England) : DOI : kxaa054

Year of publication 2020

Pavel Mozgunov, Thomas Jaki, Xavier Paoletti (2020 Jun 13)

Using a dose-finding benchmark to quantify the loss incurred by dichotomization in Phase II dose-ranging studies.

Biometrical journal. Biometrische Zeitschrift : 1717-1729 : DOI : 10.1002/bimj.201900332
Alessandra Meddis, Paul Blanche, François C Bidard, Aurélien Latouche (2020 Apr 28)

A covariate-specific time-dependent receiver operating characteristic curve for correlated survival data.

Statistics in medicine : DOI : 10.1002/sim.8550

Year of publication 2019

Alessandra Meddis, Aurélien Latouche, Bingqing Zhou, Stefan Michiels, Jason Fine (2019 Dec 10)

Meta-analysis of clinical trials with competing time-to-event endpoints.

Biometrical journal. Biometrische Zeitschrift : DOI : 10.1002/bimj.201900103
Peter C Austin, Aurélien Latouche, Jason P Fine (2019 Oct 30)

A review of the use of time-varying covariates in the Fine-Gray subdistribution hazard competing risk regression model.

Statistics in medicine : DOI : 10.1002/sim.8399
PONS-TOSTIVINT Elvire, LATOUCHE Aurélien, VAFLARD Pauline, RICCI Francesco, LOIRAT Delphine, HESCOT Ségolène, SABLIN S Marie-Paule, ROUZIER Roman, KAMAL Maud, MOREL Claire, LECERF Charlotte, SERVOIS Vincent, PAOLETTI Xavier, LE TOURNEAU Christophe (2019 Feb 6)

Comparative Analysis of Durable Responses on Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors Versus Other Systemic Therapies: A Pooled Analysis of Phase III Trials

JCO Precision Oncology : DOI : 10.1200/PO.18.00114
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