Controlling Microtobule Dynamics and Function with the tubulin code

Team Members

Carsten Janke, PhD

Carsten Janke

Carsten Janke CNRS Research Director Team Janke Team Leader Tel: Back to the list

1994: Diploma in Biochemistry, University of Leipzig, Germany
1998: PhD in Biochemistry-Neurochemistry, University of Leipzig, Germany
1998-1999: Postdoc in biophysics, CBM, CNRS Orléans, France
1999-2002: Postdoc in yeast cell biology, Beatson Institut for Cancer Research, Glasgow, UK
2002-2005: Postdoc & staff scientist (CR1), CRBM, CNRS Montpellier, France
2005-2010: Junior group leader, CRBM, CNRS Montpellier, France
2009: DR2 CNRS
2010 - today: Senior group leader at the Institut Curie, Orsay, France
2013: DR1 CNRS

Scientific achievements and prices

2008           EMBO Young Investigator
2014            EMBO member

Experience with network coordination and grant applications

  • Coordinator of 8 research grants (HFSP, ANR, INCA, …).
  • Co-funder and scientific coordinator of a European Initial Training Network (ITN)
  • 19 successful grant applications
  • 20 successful applications for fellowships in the Janke team.

Implications in the scientific community

  • Established a large number of scientific collaborations
  • Organizer of an EMBO conference series (2010, 2012, 2016), and an EMBL/EMBO symposium (2016) on Microtubules
  • Organizer of a French-Indian Cytoskeleton workshop (2015)
  • Reviewer for many grant agencies and scientific journals

Member for evaluation commissions, scientific advisory boards, editorial board of J Cell Science