Genome Instability and Cancer Predisposition

Job Openings

For opportunities for students and postdocs interested in joining our team please read below.

Postdoctoral researchers

Interested candidates are encouraged to  including in the email a CV and 2 letters of recommendation. In a second step we will discuss possible projects and fellowships to apply for, these are some of the funding agencies that support postdocs: ARC (deadlines: approx. March 15th or September 13th), EMBO (deadlines: February 15th or August 15th), FRM (deadline: October 11th), HFSP (deadline: August 23rd), La Ligue contre le Cancer (deadlines: March 15th or September 10th), Marie Sklodowska-Curie (deadline: 14th September), Fondation de France.


Our group is part of the École Doctorale de Cancérologie of the University Paris-Sud XI. The candidates should subscribe to this PhD program in order to compete for a grant from the Ministry of Research after the completion of the Masters. Please  in advance if you are interested in doing a PhD in our group.

Master students

We have regularly open projects for master (M2) students in our group. Please  for more details.