UMR 1288 – Translational Imaging in Oncology


  • January 2020: The work by Maxime Lacroix et al, regarding MR radiomics in lung cancer patients, has just been accepted for publication in Frontiers in Oncology. In this paper, we demonstrate the need for compensating for magnetic field heterogeneities and for normalizing voxel values in MR images to increase the sensitivity of radiomic features.

  • January 2020: Our paper demonstrating for the first time the prognostic value of a radiomic biomarker characterizing tumor dissemination in patients with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma has just been published in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine !
  • December 2019: Our HOLY2020 project is one of the 6 projects that have been funded as part of the H2020 EraCoSysMed call. This is a 3-year project (2020-2023) dedicated to the development of artificial intelligence models for precision medicine in patients with early Hodgkin Lymphoma using FDG PET. Methodological developments will be performed by LITO in collaboration with the University of Vienna (Prof Alexander Haug) and San Pau hospital in Barcelona (Prof Ignasi Carrio).
  • December 2019: Our LIFEx software now has more than 2500 users. A great thank you to all LIFEx users for their feedback that helps us improve the software !