UMR9187 / U1196 – Chemistry and Modelling for the Biology of Cancer (CMBC)

The central activity of the CMBC unit is to develop small molecules to probe and control the biological activities of key targets involved in cancer (These are mainly non-B nucleic acid structures (Quadruplexes) and Kinases).

IR-photoexcitable probes designed both for subcellular tracking and targeted photodamage represents also an important research axis. The drug and probe discovery activity is sustained by Molecular Modelling approaches and Multimodal Imaging (TEM, NanoSIMS, IRM). The CMIB unit is hosting the Institut Curie–CNRS proprietary library comprised of over 9000 chemical compounds and the preclinical IRM imaging and chemical imaging facilities

The main research themes of the unit include:

  • G-quadruplex targeting agents
  • DNA targeted fluorescent dyes
  • Kinase inhibitors
  • Photo and radiosensitizers for Retinoblastoma and Glioblastoma therapy.

The main methodological approaches are :

  • Chemical biology and medicinal chemistry (Hit to lead optimization)
  • Molecular dynamics and virtual screening
  • Multimodal imaging for 2D and 3D chemical mapping
  • Development of software and Image acquisition, processing and analysis

Key publications

Year of publication 2020

Jiawei Wang, Mingpan Cheng, Jielin Chen, Huangxian Ju, David Monchaud, Jean-Louis Mergny, Jun Zhou (2020 Jan 18)

An oxidatively damaged G-quadruplex/hemin DNAzyme.

Chemical communications (Cambridge, England) : Advance Article : DOI : 10.1039/c9cc09237d
Zuffo M., Gandolfini A., Heddi B., Granzhan A. (2020 Jan 1)

Harnessing intrinsic fluorescence for typing of secondary structures of DNA

bioRxiv : DOI : 10.1101/2020.01.15.907501

Year of publication 2019

Stéphanie Lemaître, Florent Poyer, Paul Fréneaux, Sophie Leboucher, François Doz, Nathalie Cassoux, Carole D Thomas (2019 Dec 25)

Low retinal toxicity of intravitreal carboplatin associated with good retinal tumor control in transgenic murine retinoblastoma.

Clinical & experimental ophthalmology : DOI : 10.1111/ceo.13711
Mouawad L., Beswick V., Jamin N., Montigny C., Quiniou E., Barbot T. (2019 Dec 18)

Deciphering the mechanism of inhibition of SERCA1a by sarcolipin using molecular simulations

bioRxiv : DOI : 10.1101/2019.12.17.879825
Nathalie Grandin, Bruno Pereira, Camille Cohen, Pauline Billard, Caroline Dehais, Catherine Carpentier, Ahmed Idbaih, Franck Bielle, François Ducray, Dominique Figarella-Branger, Jean-Yves Delattre, Marc Sanson, Patrick Lomonte, Delphine Poncet, Pierre Verrelle, Michel Charbonneau, (2019 Nov 11)

The level of activity of the alternative lengthening of telomeres correlates with patient age in IDH-mutant ATRX-loss-of-expression anaplastic astrocytomas.

Acta neuropathologica communications : 7 : 175 : DOI : 10.1186/s40478-019-0833-0
Priyanka Toshniwal, Michelle Nguyen, Aurore Guédin, Helena Viola, Diwei Ho, Yongeun Kim, Uditi Bhatt, Charles Bond, Livia Hool, Laurence H Hurley, Jean-Louis Mergny, Mark Fear, Fiona Wood, K Swaminathan Iyer, Nicole M Smith (2019 Nov 2)

TGF-β-induced fibrotic stress increases G-quadruplex formation in human fibroblasts.

FEBS letters : 593 : 3149-3161 : DOI : 10.1002/1873-3468.13658