U934/UMR3215 – Genetics and Developmental Biology

The research Unit “Genetics and Developmental Biology” of Institut Curie is composed of nine teams addressing fundamental questions related to the development of organisms and its pathological dysfunctions.

Our action is based on a simple idea: understanding developmental processes and tissue homeostasis is key to understand the etiology of diseases. We study living organisms at different scales ranging from organisms (mouse, zebrafish, Drosophila) to molecular aspects, and including organoids, patient-derived xenografts and cell lines. This variety of approaches enables an integrated analysis from the cell nucleus to the whole organism.
Our research addresses the following themes:
-the acquisition and maintenance of identity of stem cells, germ cells, or specialized somatic cells through cell signaling and transcriptional control
– the control of gene expression by the non-coding genome (ncRNAs, transposons) in normal and pathological conditions
– the role of mechanical forces and cell divisions in building embryos and tissues
– the role of inter-organ communications and systemic signals in tissue growth and homeostasis.


Key publications

Year of publication 2021

Daniel Holoch, Michel Wassef, Cecilia Lövkvist, Dina Zielinski, Setareh Aflaki, Bérangère Lombard, Tiphaine Héry, Damarys Loew, Martin Howard, Raphaël Margueron (2021 Nov 16)

A cis-acting mechanism mediates transcriptional memory at Polycomb target genes in mammals.

Nature genetics : DOI : 10.1038/s41588-021-00964-2
Paula Santabárbara-Ruiz, Pierre Léopold (2021 Oct 5)

An Oatp transporter-mediated steroid sink promotes tumor-induced cachexia in Drosophila.

Developmental cell : 2741-2751.e7 : DOI : S1534-5807(21)00727-9
Nathalie Arquier, Marianne Bjordal, Philippe Hammann, Lauriane Kuhn, Pierre Léopold (2021 Sep 25)

Brain adiponectin signaling controls peripheral insulin response in Drosophila.

Nature communications : 5633 : DOI : 10.1038/s41467-021-25940-6
Riddiford N, Siudeja K, van den Beek M, Boumard B, Bardin AJ (2021 Jun 24)

Evolution and genomic signatures of spontaneous somatic mutation in Drosophila intestinal stem cells

Genome Research : DOI : 10.1101/gr.268441.120
Siudeja K, van den Beek M, Riddiford N, Boumard B, Wurmser A, Stefanutti M, Lameiras S, Bardin AJ (2021 Feb 26)

Unraveling the features of somatic transposition in the Drosophila intestine

EMBO J : DOI : 10.15252/embj.2020106388
Tomasz Chelmicki, Emeline Roger, Aurélie Teissandier, Mathilde Dura, Lorraine Bonneville, Sofia Rucli, François Dossin, Camille Fouassier, Sonia Lameiras, Deborah Bourc'his (2021 Jan 14)

mA RNA methylation regulates the fate of endogenous retroviruses.

Nature : 312-316 : DOI : 10.1038/s41586-020-03135-1