Reverse Phase Protein Array

Biological material / Extraction

We can work with fresh material (cell lines, primary cells, FACS-sorted cells) or with frozen material (frozen cell pellets, cryosections, biopsies). We do not accept fixed material as we consider the quality of extracted proteins from this material too inconsistent.

Plateforme de puces protéique - Leanne de Koning .The quantity of biological material that we need is dependent on the type of cells, the composition of the tissue and the number of antibodies you want to screen. In general, we ask for:

  • At least 500,000 cells
  • At least 2 cryosections of 50 micron thick each
  • At least 1 mg of tissue

But, if needed, we can work with less material. Please contact us.

Samples need to be in a denaturing lysis buffer that is compatible with RPPA and that contains protease and phosphatase inhibitors. Many lysis buffers show auto-fluorescence, which interferes with the read-out of the arrays. If you use cell line material, we highly recommend using our lysis buffer. If you use tumor or xenograft material, we prefer performing the lysis on our platform.

Our cell lysis protocol, including the recipe of our lysis buffer, can be downloaded here: 2009_cell_lysis_rppa_eng