Multimodal Imaging Center (US43-UMS2016)


Multimodal Imaging Center has a Guardianship Committee, a Strategic Orientation Committee and Steering Committees (1 per field of activity).


♦ Guardianship Committee:

The Guardianship Committee decides on the major scientific, technological and organizational orientations, in relation to the geographical context of Université Paris-Saclay.

Composition of the Guardianship Committee:
– The Scientific Deputy Director – National Infrastructures and Platforms of the INSB of the CNRS or his representative
– The Director of the Inserm Infrastructure Pole or his representative
– The Director of the Research Centre of the Institut Curie or his representative
– The Dean of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Paris-Saclay or his representative

♦ Strategic Orientation Committee:

The Strategic Orientation Committee defines priorities, ensures the quality of the services offered and proposes methodological developments.

The membership of the Committe is being validated.

♦ Steering Committees (1 per field of activity):

Steering committees are made up of qualified users. They report malfunctions and make proposals in terms of operation and methodological developments. They take part in decisions on the routine operation of the facilities.

The Steering Committees membership are being validated.