Multimodal Imaging Center (US43-UMS2016)

Electron Cryo-Microscopy Facility

We are specialised in the 3D structural study of biological samples.

We have a strong expertise in:

i) cryo-methods related to sample preparation,
ii) tomographic acquisition at the electron microscope,
iii) 3D reconstruction of tomographic data to access the 3D structure of biological samples.

We have a double activity:

i) services(sample preparation, observation and analysis),

ii) development in instrumentation and imaging methods.

We work for and in collaboration with several laboratories (private or public) of Université Paris-Saclay, Île de France, but other French and European laboratories as well. Our expertise in observation of thick (>1µm) biological samples using cryo-STEM tomography is recognised.

We have all the equipment necessary for the freezing of purified samples (proteins, lipids, polymers and nanoparticles), of prokaryotes and unicellular eukaryotes (parasites, human cells).

The cryo observation is possible thanks to two Gatan 626 cryo-holders, a JEOL 2200FS (FEG @ 200 kV) electron microscope equipped with a cryo-box. TEM and STEM imaging are possible thanks to a ssCCD US1000 Gatan camera, a K2 Summit Gatan direct electron detector camera and two JEOL STEM detectors (BF and HAADF). The microscope is equipped with an in-column Omega energy filter allowing EFTEM acquisitions (zero-loss and energy-loss) and EELS spectroscopy.

Several workstations are dedicated to the processing of the collected images and a data server of 40 Tb allows to redundantly backup the user data with confidentiality.