Chemical Library


The Chemical Library consists of 15,509 unique structures including 9891 compounds available in powder and 9200 compounds available in solution.

  • The collection can be supplied in its entirety or partially by contract as part of a discovery partnership. Samples are available under various formats: powder or in solution in the DMSO (in plate 96 wells or 384 wells, molar concentration at 10 mM or massic concentration 5 mg/mL).
  • A help to the selection of samples is also proposed by molecular modeling and virtual screening: research by similarity, sub-structure, fragments, classification by family… Other sharper methods (docking, QSAR, pharmacophore) can be also proposed.
  • An expertise in chemistry “hit-to-lead” is also possible. Resynthesis of active products or hits, synthesis of structural analogues can be realized by the chemists of units or by the platform chemical library. To assure this service, the platform is equipped by a robot of synthesis, an automated microwave, and automatic purifiers.
  • Tools of molecular chemistry to identify the biological target can be developed on request by the platform.
  • Collaborations with platforms of academic screening or drug discovery can be proposed