Cell & Tissue Imaging


Marie-Noëlle Soler (Curie Orsay) – 
Head of the PICT@ORSAY

Patricia Le Baccon (Pasteur building) – Head of the PICT@PASTEUR

Olivier Renaud (BDD building) – Head of the PICT@BDD

Jean Salamero (Burg building) – Head of the PICT-IBiSA & PICT@BURG

Lucie Sengmanivong (Burg Building) –
Head of the Nikon Imaging Center


Olivier Leroy (BDD building) –

Vincent Fraisier (Burg building) –

Ludovic Leconte (Burg building) –

François Waharte (Burg building) –

Claire Lovo (Orsay) –