Cell & Tissue Imaging Platform

Access & Prices

The PICT imaging centre is opened under certain conditions to all staff of the Institut Curie and outside users.

Procedure for a new user

If you have a project requiring the use of photonic imaging techniques, thank you to follow the following procedure:

  1. Send an e-mail to in which you will specify your scientific project and your imaging needs.
  2. The imaging team will come back to you to discuss your project in more detail if necessary.
  3. If you are external user of the Institut Curie, an administrative file must be completed as well as the validation of the platform’s usage policy.
  4. All users must register via the OpenIRIS reservation software via http://iris.science-it.ch/.
  5. If you are from the Institut Curie, the training request must be made directly online via the OpenIRIS reservation site (if available).
  6. Then a training date will be proposed to you.
  7. After validation of the training, you will be autonomous for the use of the equipment and you will be able to book it via the OpenIRIS online site.


  • Autonomy for the use of a system is not permanent! Indeed, this autonomy can be withdrawn for non-compliance with rules for use of the PICT and also if you have not used the system for over 6 months. In this second case, a refresher training is required.
  • Please ask for training on a microscopy only if you need it.
  • Expect a delay between your request to use training and taking this into account. The team of imaging facility will do the best to answer quickly, however, our activities are many and we are not always immediately available.


Access to the microscopy platform is subject to a charge.

Academic Industrial
Training (€ / h)
Standard microscope 25 euros
Advanced microscope 50 euros
Use price (€ / h)
Standard microscope 20 euros
Advanced microscope 40 euros

Rates are for information purposes only and may be subject to change without notice.  Rates may also change depending on the type of service provided. A quotation can be provided.