Cell & Tissue Imaging Platform


The PICT light-microscopy facility brings together state-of-the-art equipment in the field of biological imaging. The platform is located on four different sites of the Institut Curie to be as close as possible to the researchers. The optical microscopy platform is used annually by more than 410 users representing 81,000 hours of equipment use. The platform also hosts the Nikon Imaging Centre.

All together the equipment in light microscopy comprises in 2020 more than 48 systems including standard widefield microscopes, videomicroscopes,  confocal laser scanning microscopes, confocal spinning-disk systems, multi-photons microscopes, TIRF microscopes, super-resolution microscopes (SIM, PALM/STORM), lightsheet and lattice lightsheet microscopes and intravital microscope.

PICT has recognized expertise in the field of dynamic imaging (cell biology, developmental biology and nuclear structure) and has skills in advanced microscopy applications (F-techniques, super-resolution, laser ablation, optogenetics, etc.). The following figure shows the various applications and techniques available on the light-microscopy facility.




PICT engineers also has expertise in data processing and analysis. The platform is equipped with dedicated computation servers and commercial software for data processing.  We also develop macros or software for scientific projects that require it.

Training and teaching activities:

The platform’s engineers organise and participate in numerous training and education courses throughout the year. These training courses are organized either by the teaching unit of the Institut Curie, or by the CNRS, INSERM, universities, microscopy networks (RT-MFM, GDR-IMABIO, ELMI, NEUBIAS) or the FranceBioImaging infrastructure.