Cell & Tissue Imaging

Publication Guidelines

Please pay attention to the following message concerning new ways to acknowledge the PICT-IBiSA in your publications. You may not know that all PICT-IBiSA sites benefit from direct contracts and allocations and consequently we all have to acknowledge the funders, adequately. For all sites: @BDD, @Orsay, @Lhomond, @Pasteur, @Curie….

  1. For the use of  equipment or expertise present on the PICT-IBiSA, including the Nikon Imaging Center, on top of the usual “The experiments were performed on” or “we acknowledge the [Nikon Imaging Center@CNRS-Institut Curie and/or PICT-IBiSA and/or….…] [Institut Curie], [town]),
     PLEASE ADD : “member of the French National Research Infrastructure France-BioImaging (ANR-10-INBS-04)”.
  2. ALL USERS OF THE SP8-NLO Leica confocal and ALL USERS of the setups on the new Intravital Imaging platform (PICT-Lhomond) have and will have to mention:
    This work was supported by the Fondation pour la Recherche Médicale ( FRM N° DGE20111123020), the Cancerople-IdF (n°2012-2-EML-04-IC-1), InCA (Cancer National Institute, n° 2011-1-LABEL-IC-4),
    For the Intravital Imaging Platform only, you should also add:and SiRIC (INCa-DGOS- 4654).
  3. ALL USERS of the video PICT-Orsay co-financed by FRM should also mention:“This work was supported by the Fondation pour la Recherche Médicale (FRM N° DGE20111123020)”
  4. For the SPIM setup on (PICT-Lhomond) and for the Two EM microscope in PARIS (EM-PICT in Pav. Curie), PICT was “supported by the CelTisPhyBio Labex (N° ANR-10-LBX-0038) part of the IDEX PSL (N°ANR-10-IDEX-0001-02 PSL)”.

If you have questions or doubts, do not hesitate to ask the PICT staff !