Cell & Tissue Imaging Platform


Terms of use policy

The use of the platform requires the approval of the user policy. Access to the platform constitutes acceptance of the terms of use.
The pdf file (in French and English) of the terms of use is available on this link: PICT Terms of Use


The platform is accessible to all academic and private researchers.
The access procedure is described in the sub-menu of each technological pole (photonic microscopy, electron microscopy and broadband/Biophenics).

Procedure for extra training

You are already autonomous on one or more microscopes and want to either have additional training or become autonomous on a new system. You must request a new training by following the step described in Access & Prices.

Training plan

Training on an imaging system is done in four parts:

  • Training which includes theoretical description of the system and the reminder of the basics of microscopy,
  • A theoretical safety regulations training specific to the imaging centre, including if required laser safety and procedures for evacuations,
  • A practical training including among others the start/stop procedure of the system, the acquisition of 2D images up to 4D if necessary, data backup, data transfer, procedures for cleaning, booking systems.
  • A check of individual knowledge. The user is supervised during his first booking.

The duration of the training may vary according to the systems and knowledge of users. Training can be done individually or in small group of 3-4 people.


The booking system can only be done by users who have validated training. Each system requires proper training and authorization from a PICT team member. No exceptions will be accepted.

Procedure :

Once your training is confirmed, you can access the online booking system. To book a system, follow the procedure :

  1. Open a web browser (Firefox, Safari, etc.)
  2. go to the link: http://iris.science-it.ch/
  3. Click Sign-in
  4. Go to Scheduler and filter to find the resource you would like to book
  5. Select the timeslot you want to book.
Warning :
  • Respect the rules of booking. Each system have their own booking restriction.
  • Cancellation can be done anytime but Deletion are only allowed 24 hours in advance.
  • Respect the material and other users !!

Basic rules

At the end of the session, the item must be returned in excellent condition:

  • For microscopes: data should be transferred and removed, bench and microscope should be fully cleaned.
  • For image processing computer: data should be transferred and removed, turn off the PC.

You are in charge of the system during all your session and you have to declare any problems that you could encounter. You can declare an incident online using OpenIRIS.

Feel free to give us any feedback concerning imaging systems.

Incident reporting

Please report any incident by using the incident form in http://iris.science-it.ch/or if urgent matter contact the PICT staff in charge of the microscope. Thank you in advance for your participation in order to maintain the system in perfect working condition

Satisfaction survey

We evaluate the quality of our service anaually to our users.
Access to the last survey results


The mission of the imaging team is to guide and assist users in acquiring and analyzing images. Thus, it’s not required to include any staff member of the imaging centre in the author list of the publication. However, when a staff member of the imaging centre has significantly contributed to a publication, it is logical and highly recommended to add this person in the list of authors.

Mention of the imaging centre in the publication
Users must indicate in the acknowledgment section that they have used the PICT imaging centre in any publication.
For example,  « The authors would like to acknowledge the Cell and Tissue Imaging Platform – PICT-IBiSA (member of France–Bioimaging – ANR-10-INBS-04) of the [UMR144 or U934/UMR3215 or UMR3664 or UMR168 or Translational Department or NIMCE] of Institut Curie for help with [light or electron or high-content screening] microscopy”.

List of publications
Users must submit, as soon as possible, the references of any publications that have used the equipment of the imaging centre. These informations highlight the use of the equipment of the imaging centre, the efficiency of investment and facilitate all requests for funding for the acquisition of new microscopes.

Data back-up

The Institut Curie IT provides storage space for images. Please contact the IT department for any request. Your data must be saved after each session with your care.

Attention, we are not responsible for any data stored on machines connected to the system. User data will be automatically deleted after a few days. This ensures that there is always storage space for subsequent experiments. In addition, computers of the imaging centre belong to the Institut Curie and are therefore subject to the use of the IT. Moreover, it is strictly forbidden to:

  • Install or uninstall software
  • To use computers for personal purpose
  • Using computers to download music, video, etc …