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Opening of the Lattice Light Sheet Microscope on the PICT-Photonic@Burg

We are happy  to announce the opening of  this Live Cell 3D microscope , the first of this type accessible on an Imaging Core Facility in France.

As advantages of this modality we can mention:

-Very fast 3D cellular imaging at near to isotropic resolution

-Strong sensibility and very low bleaching

-Long term imaging on living cells and under certain conditions, for subcellular imaging in small embryos.


This microscopy requires optical expertise (meaning the help of a specialist engineer) for carefull laser alignement and beam shaping, which largely depend on your samples ( labeling, size, dynamics to be recorded).

Thus, as a start, we will open it on a “project based” mode,  2 days every 2 weeks -Thursday and Friday, 1st and 2nd weeks of each month,  keeping the beginning of the week for discussion, sample preparation and calibration.
Before we go back to you to discuss the feasibility  and adaptation of your project to the actual LLSM performances you will have to fill up a “request” in https://iris.curie.fr/

In order to fill up the request :

1-access to openiris.
2-Go in the tab “Services” at the top of the page and look for Lattice Light sheet

 3-      Click on request button  and fill up the request



If you have technical problems, please contact