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Multiscale Integration in Biological Systems Courses 2018

Structure and dynamics, crossing scales with super-resolution microscopy – Suliana Manley

TBD – Pierre Sens

A question of dynamics – Barbara Di Ventura

Unravelling the molecular bases of epistasis in bacteria – Olivier Tenaillon

Gene regulation in single-cells – Erik Van Nimwegen

Coevolutionary analysis of proteinprotein interactions – Martin Weigt

Probing sensorimotor computations in zebrafish – Georges Debrégeas

Mechanics of embryonic tissue elongation and segmentation – Karine Guevorkian

Physical limits to chemical sensing by cells and cell populations – Andrew Mugler

Fluid flows shaping morphology – Karen Alim

Strategies for fungal spore dispersal – Agnese Seminara

Evolutionary cell biophysics: lessons from the yeast polarity network – Liedewij Laan

Guiding self-organization during cell polarity establishment – Stephan Grill

From chemistry to evolution – Philippe Nghe

Statistical physics of molecular evolution – Armita Nourmohammad

Evolutionary dynamics – Alexandre Morozov

Why do input/output relations look they way they do ? – William Bialek