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Multiscale Integration in Biological Systems Courses 2016

The 2nd course on Multiscale integration in biological systems took place on November 3-9, 2016.

Course’s videos:

Jean Francois Joanny: “Statistical physics of active matter”


Simona Cocco: “Inference of networks from data: the Inverse Ising/Potts problem and application to neural and genomic data”


Felix Ritort: “The physics of small systems: From energy to information”


Udo Seifert: “Stochastic thermodynamics for biomolecular processes: from principles to the cost of precision”


Stephanie Palmer: “Information bottleneck approaches to quantifying prediction in the brain”


Herve Isambert: “Learning causal networks with latent variables from multivariate information in genomic data”


Massimo Vergassola: “Navigating turbulent environments”

Mustafa Khammash: “Stochastic dynamics: from single cells to cell populations”


Leïla Périé: “Deciphering the hematopoietic differentiation pathway at the single cell level”

Rosalind Allen: “Bacterial aggregation and biofilm formation”

Marileen Dogterom: “Building minimal spindles in microfluidic droplets”


James Marshall “Multiscale modelling of honeybee swarms and other biological systems”


Leonid Mirny: “Cancer as an evolutionary process: tug-of-war between driver and passenger mutations”


Marc Lefranc: “Nonlinear dynamics of gene regulatory networks”


Mathieu Coppey “A simple chemical mass balance can account for cell polarity”


Thierry Mora: “Inferring the critical dynamics of biological systems directly from empirical data”


Robert Austin: “An experimental post-modern view of Darwinian evolution”