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Multiscale Integration in Biological Systems Courses 2014

Aleksandra Walczak: “Diversity and selection in the immune system”

Ville Mustonen : “Methods to study and combat the evolution of drug resistance”


Peter Arndt : “Modelling neutral evolution of DNA”


Silvia de Monte : “Evolution of collective behaviors”


Lisa Manning:”Jamming and glassy behavior in biological tissues”


Pascal Silberzan: “Collective cell migration”


Bahram Houchmandzadeh presents a lecture on “Spatial segregations in populations”


Paul François: “Dynamical aspects of vertebrate development”


Ray Goldstein: “Synchronization of Flagella”


Christian Jost: “Collective construction in social insects”


Vincent Hakim: “Models of collective cell motion”


Hugues Chaté: “Minimal models and continuous theories for collective motion and dry active matter”


Dolores Bozovic: “Nonlinear dynamics of inner ear hair cells”


Gasper Tkacik: “Critical behavior in networks of real neurons”


Frank Jülicher: “Signal amplification by nonlinear oscillators”


Michel Desaï: “Population Genetics and theory of natural variations”


Thierry Mora: “Statistical inference”


Jean‐François Joanny:”Fluctuation and response in cellular systems”


Raphael Voituriez: “First-passage statistics and transcription kinetics”