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Human plasmacytoid pre-dendritic cell diversification in response to a single Stimulus


Immunotherapy is indisputably a new and valuable weapon in the fight against cancer. The Cancer Immunotherapy center at Institut Curie houses physicians and researchers. The proximity helps physicians and researchers acquire a shared culture, teach one another, reveal new scientific questions, become aware of patient needs, and find innovative ideas. Basic research iniates this process.

The Integrative Biology of Human Dendritic Cells and T Cells team (Inserm/Institut Curie) works to understand the reciprocal interactions between immune cell state/behavior and their environment in a global and integrated manner. Biologists use dendritic cells and T cells as preferred cellular systems. They published an article in the prestigious Nature Immunology Journal about plasmacytoid pre-dendritic cell diversification.

“Innate immune cells adjust to microbial and inflammatory stimuli through a process named environmental plasticity, which links any individual stimulus to a unique activated state. Here, we report that activation of human plasmacytoid pre-dendritic cells (pDCs) with a single microbial or cytokine stimulus triggers cell diversification into three stable subpopulations. P1-pDCs (PD-L1+CD80–) displayed a plasmacytoid morphology and specialization for type I interferon production. P3-pDCs (PD-L1–CD80+) adopted a dendritic morphology and adaptive immune functions. P2-pDCs (PD-L1+CD80+) displayed both innate and adaptive functions. Each subpopulation expressed a specific coding and long non-coding RNA signature, and was stable upon secondary stimulation. P1-pDC were detected in lupus and psoriasis patient samples. pDC diversification was independent of cell divisions or pre-existing heterogeneity within steady state pDC, but controlled by a TNF autocrine and/or paracrine communication loop. Our findings reveal a novel mechanism to generate diversity, and division of labor within innate immune cells.”

Diversification of human plasmacytoid predendritic cells in response to a single stimulus
Solana G. Alculumbre, Violaine Saint-André, Jeremy Di Domizio, Pablo Vargas, Philemon Sirven, Pierre Bost, Mathieu Maurin, Paolo Maiuri, Maxime Wery, Mabel San Roman, Léa Savey, Maxime Touzot, Benjamin Terrier, David Saadoun, Curdin Conrad, Michel Gilliet, Antonin Morillon & Vassili Soumelis
Nature Immunology (2017) / doi:10.1038/s41590-017-0012-z