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Institut Curie to become the first French member of Core for Life

Institut Curie, with its CurieCoreTech, has become the first additional new member to join this prestigious pan-European excellence alliance for core facilities since its foundation 5 years ago.

Core for Life has been founded in 2012 by six institutions (EMBL, CRG, VIB, FGCZ, VBCF, and MPI-CBG) with the aim to bundle core facility expertise and resources across institutes and countries in order to advance knowledge and to benefit the entire scientific and technological community.

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Following a successful site visit to the CurieCoreTech platforms earlier this year, Institut Curie has been invited to become a full member of Core for Life. A memorandum of understanding has been signed between the now seven member institutions in September this year.

“I would like to express my pleasure at Institut Curie becoming a member of the Core for Life alliance”, says Geneviève Almouzni. “Ever since becoming director of the research centre it has been a high priority for me to integrate our technology platforms into a wider European network. I would like to congratulate our platform managers and the CurieCoreTech coordinator, Andrea Hutterer, on this achievement. We expect lots of synergies from interacting with the other member institutions and are enthusiastic about working with them and contributing to the mission of Core for Life.”

All Core for Life members meet at least once a year at the Annual Technology Forum. At this event, broad topics such as funding for core facilities and innovation management are discussed. In addition, there are separate working groups for the different technologies. The CurieCoreTech platform managers already actively participated in the 2017 Annual Technology Forum held end of September at EMBL in Heidelberg, where they formed strong links with their counterparts from other institutes. They will participate in some of the ongoing benchmarking exercises and the next bioinformatics working group meeting will be hosted by Emmanuel Barillot at Institut Curie next spring.