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Over 1,000 researchers, engineers, technicians and administrative staff work at Institut Curie Research Center. Their aim is to gain a better understanding of how living organisms develop and work at the molecular level and in terms of the essential components of living organisms (nucleic acids, proteins, lipids), at the cellular level – the core of all living organisms – and in terms of the tissues and organs. Recent progress in biology tells us that the way living systems work is closely linked to their physical and chemical environment. This is why, at the Research Center, physicists (a legacy from Marie Curie!) and chemists work closely with biologists. They use high-level technological platforms with the most recent equipment to carry out their research. This work helps achieve better understanding of how biological systems are deregulated in pathological conditions, including first and foremost cancer.

Transfer of knowledge is the mission of our Translational research department which bridges the connection between researchers and clinicians at Institut Curie’s Hospital Group, offering patients the benefit of the most innovative care.

Our mission also includes training and dissemination of knowledge. We welcome PhD students and post-docs from all over the world (over 80 nationalities!) and we hold very many seminars, to which top scientists come to present their findings.

All of these missions make Institut Curie a center of excellence for cancer research and treatment. Find out more by visiting our website 

Alain Puisieux
Director of the research center


Alain Puisieux is specialized in cell plasticity processes during the early stages of tumorigenesis: he is the author of more than 150 publications in international journals such as Cancer CellNature, Nature Cell BiologyNature Genetics and Nature Medicine.

His work has also earned him various prestigious awards and honors, such as his appointment to France’s National Academy of Medicine, National Academy of Pharmacy and the University Institute of France.

Alain Puisieux is familiar with Institut Curie since, in addition to completing his biology internship at Institut Curie in the late 1980s, he has been a member of the Research Center’s Scientific Commission since 2013. After receiving his doctorate in Boston (Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, USA), he joined the Leon-Berard Center (CLB), a cancer center in Lyon, as a postdoctoral fellow and then as a hospital practitioner biologist. Appointed as a professor of the University in 2000 (University Lyon 1), in Lyon he created the Inserm 590 Oncogenesis and Tumor Progression Unit, and the Cancer Research Center in Lyon (UMR Inserm 1052 – CNRS 5286 – UCBL – CLB), now composed of 26 research teams and 500 members, which he led from 2011 to 2019.