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At CurieCoreTech we offer access to cutting-edge technologies and exceptional service in a harmonised and cost-effective manner. We also provide comprehensive user training to support research at the forefront of scientific and medical advances.



  • 19 technology platforms in total at the Paris and the Orsay campuses

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Apart from the in-house services, all platforms are open to external users from both academia and industry and many successful collaborations and partnerships have been established. All platforms and services constituting the CurieCoreTech are coordinated centrally under the oversight of a dedicated platform coordinator, Andrea Hutterer.

Coordinator of the CurieCoreTech

Dr. Lavanya Premvardhan
PhD, Carnegie Mellon University, USA (2000) / contact :

Coordinator CurieCoreTech (2016 – 2017) – Dr. Andrea Hutterer