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February 3 - 10, 2021

NON-CODING GENOME, 11th edition

Institut Curie, Paris, France
Organizer (s)

Organizers: Antonin Morillon, Sven Diederichs, Marina Pinskaya

Scientific committee : Deborah Bourc’his, Clément Carré, Maiwen Caudron-Herger, Ines Drinnenberg, Arturo Londono, Maxime Wery

NON-CODING GENOME – Institut Curie, Paris – 11-18 May, 2022

The course “NON-CODING GENOME” will explore the versatility of non-genic DNA elements and non-coding RNAs across a spectrum of cellular processes, in humans and model organisms, and their implication in physiology and disease. World-famous researchers will expose their very latest discoveries in identification and biogenesis to functional roles of non-coding RNA and DNA in physiology and human disease. It will provide an opportunity to young students and research fellows to discuss their work with an international scientific community in a warm and stimulating environment of the Institut Curie in Paris.


  1. Expression and regulation of non-coding RNAs
  2. Long ncRNAs & RNA-Protein complexes
  3. Small ncRNAs
  4. Centromeres, Telomeres & Genome Integrity
  5. Mobile DNA
  6. Non-coding DNA & RNA in lab, clinics and industry

Other events:

Poster Session (by Participants)

Elevator Pitch (by Participants)

Tutorial « Scientific presentation » (by Invited guest)

Workshop « Carrier Development in academia and beyond » (by Invited guest)

Visit of Paris (on Saturday)

Visit of « Musée Curie »

The workshop is open for Master & PhD students and young research fellows. It is accredited by 6 ECTS by Sorbonne Université and can be validated as part of the master or PhD academic cycle if accepted by the respective institution.

Registration is free of charge. Number of sits is limited to 30. Participants are selected according to their motivation and CV.

Participants or their lab must cover travel and accommodation costs.

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