23 Novembre 2017

From targeted proteomics to deep proteome quantification

Hall/Amphitheater BDD / Institut Curie,
11-13, rue Pierre et Marie Curie
75005 Paris
Organizer (s)

Chiara Guerrera (SFR Necker)
Damarys Loew (Institut Curie)
Mariette Matondo (Institut Pasteur)

Technological innovations in next generation mass spectrometers has led to numerous breakthroughs in quantitative mass spectrometry. This scientific day will focus on the applications provided by DIA (Data Independent Acquisition), SRM (Single Reaction Monitoring) and PRM (Parallel Reaction Monitoring) for specific identification and quantification of unmodified peptides and modified peptides (i.e. phosphorylated). This scientific day will end with a round table discussion allowing each participant to share its scientific interest.

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