Chief Data Officer position

26, rue d'ulm, 75005 Paris

Institut Curie is a world class multidisciplinary Institute composed of a life science research center and cancer hospitals with excellent interfaces for collaboration and interdisciplinary program development. Institut Curie has the French label of Comprehensive Cancer Center with demonstrated excellence in cancer research, cancer care and education. Both the hospitals and the research center generate large amounts of data through their many biotechnological platforms and to support the development of precision medicine (including high-throughput sequences (NGS), imaging, and clinical data). Data is recognized as a key element of Institut Curie strategy.

The Chief Data Officer (CDO) is responsible for the definition of a data management strategy as well as the data governance for Institut Curie, and oversees their implementation to support research and patient’s treatments. The CDO will provide leadership on all aspects of data management (data gathering and structuring strategy, acquisition, quality, handling, protection etc.).

The CDO reports to the Presidence of the institute, her/his team supports the activity of all teams and services in the hospitals and the research center. The CDO works in close interaction with all executives, including both institute Directors, deputy Directors for clinical research and biomedical research, Directors of information services, of bioinformatics Department, translational research Department and Industrial Partnerships & Licensing Department, and the Coordinator of technological platforms. The CDO is assisted by a strategic Committee which selects data-based projects and defines priorities.

The successful candidate will be a well recognized figure in the biomedical domain, with credibility and aptitude to interact with both researchers and clinicians. She/he has a proven track record of big data management, project coordination, and team management. She/he displays strong leadership and management skills to influence organizational changes in a complex environment.

She/he possesses an excellent knowledge of data and related technologies together with a deep understanding of how biological and clinical data are used in clinics and research. She/he must be equally comfortable discussing the institute data management strategic perspectives with executives and their implementation with researchers, clinicians and information technology staff.



  • Provide a vision and define an institutional strategy as to data gathering and management.
  • Make data readily available for internal usages in clinics and research, and for external partnerships, according to the strategic Committee decision.
  • Guarantee the data quality and traceability
  • Ensure and enforce appropriate data protection
  • Improve the value of institute data through new usages, sharing and data integration
  • Maintain technology and policy awareness
  • Provide advice and technical support for data policy, data standards, use and management
  • Coordinate institute-wide projects of data gathering, management and exchange
  • Manage the institutional clinico-biological database team
  • Contribute to valorization of data through partnerships
  • Represent the institute in discussions with external organizations when it comes to data
  • Raise funding to support the production, management and usage of data



  • Aptitude to interact with both researchers and clinicians
  • Experience in big data management
  • Experience in project coordination, and team management
  • Strong leadership and management skills
  • Excellent knowledge of data and related technologies
  • Deep understanding of how biological and clinical data are used in clinics and research
  • Excellent communication skills