Bioinformatician/ Computationnal Biologist


The Institut Curie is a major player in the research and fight against cancer. It consists of a hospital and a Research Center of more than 1000 employees with a strong international representativeness. The objective of the Curie Institute Research Center is to develop basic research and to use the knowledge produced to improve the diagnosis, prognosis, and therapeutics of cancers as part of the continuum between basic research and innovation serving the patient.

Description of the project:

The team  Diversity & Plasticity of Childhood Tumors (DePiCT) directed by Olivier Delattre (INSERM U830) in Institut Curie Research Center is looking for a bioinformatician for a two to three year contract. The position concern the analysis of multi-omic (genomic, transcriptomic and epigenetic) data of mesenchymal tumors (sarcoma) to study tumor heterogeneity and plasticity.
The candidate will be in charge of the analysis of a variety of NGS-based data (including RNAseq, ChiP-seq, ATAC-seq, DNA methylation and single cell RNAseq data) generated from large series of animal and cellular models and from patients.
S/He will directly report to Sarah Watson, physician scientist with clinical expertise on sarcoma, to Olivier Delattre, group director, and to other scientists and clinicians involved in the field.
S/He will closely interact with wet-lab biologists and with other bioinformaticians in the lab and within the Curie campus.
The candidate will have access to bioinformatics tools and cluster server of the bioinformatic core unit (U900).  S/He will also have the ability to conceive new analysis and presentation tools.
The candidate will be in charge of statistical analyses, will present results at lab meetings will contribute to the publications and will have the opportunity to attend scientific meetings.

Candidate profile (technical, langues skills …):

–    Background in Next Generation Sequencing, gene expression analysis, ChIP-sequencing, DNA methylation, single-cell transcriptomics
–    Highly motivated and ambitious
–    Good organizational and communication skills,
–    Highly collaborative person, able to interact with the sequencing platform, the bioinformatic core unit and the biologists
–    Comfortable in English
–    Programming expertise required

Experience level / degrees required:

–    Degree and/or PhD in bioinformatics, or extensive experience with bioinformatic analyses
–    Both postdosctoral research assistants and engineers will be considered for this position

How to apply:

Applications for the above opening should include a full CV, a cover letter describing past and current projects, and names of 2 references. Application should be sent to and before February 28th, 2021