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Tech Times is your newsletter that regularly informs you about the latest updates on the PICT Light-Microscopy.
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The Cell and Tissue Imaging Platform (PICT) welcomes you for your microscopy projects. PICT is IBiSA certified and is a member of the FranceBioImaging infrastructure.

In short, the PICT light-microscopy is:
  • 55 high-end microscopes
  • 12 experts in microscopy and image analysis
  • 2 locations in Paris and Orsay
  • 4 sites Burg, BDD, Pavillon Pasteur and Orsay buildings

Need advice on the use of light-microscopy ?

Make an appointment with the PICT imaging team closest to your unit, contacts available here.

Your facility is equipped with microscopes for super-resolution (SIM, Lattice lightsheet, STORM) or improved resolution (Live-SR, Airyscan).
For more information, contact the imaging facility.
The Nikon Intravital microscope was completely redesigned with a significant change in optical path. The prototype was replaced by a commercial Nikon MP microscope simpler and more robust.
Submit a project request here.

Questions about image analysis and processing?

Need help quantifying your images, you can contact the microscopy platform.

We provide basic and advanced training on image analysis using the ImageJ/Fiji software. The date of the training sessions will be communicated by email.

Which microscopes are available on the platform?

It is easy, just go to our website.

Need a microscope training ?

Login to the OpenIRIS booking system and make an online training request. The procedure is described in our wiki but in case of problems contact us.

The platform is currently conducting a satisfaction survey because your opinion is important. Thank you for filling it out.

The Institut Curie is hosting the Nikon Imaging Centre since 2007. More information here.

New! You can immerse yourself in your biological images through virtual reality. Thanks to the use of the DIVA program (developed at the Institut Curie by M. El Beheiry) and the use of a VR headset. For more information, please .

You have just published an article with microscopy data…. Congratulations! Don’t forget to thank the PICT-IBiSA platform member of FranceBioImaging  (example of acknowledgements here).

A big thank you to all the researchers, units, labex and institute that funds and/or helps us to finance the platform’s equipment.

“We believe in sharing equipment”.


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